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Most homeowners have a clear idea of how their garage door works, and what the maintenance measures are for it to work properly over the years. However, certain elements of those doors need to be continually taken care of for it to work as it’s supposed to. In this case, we are talking about garage door cables.

Garage door cables work with the garage door springs to ensure that the door opens and closes correctly. In the unfortunate case that the spring breaks, the cable’s function is to catch the door in time, so it doesn’t slam down and break. Most people don’t give the cables much thought, but if you don’t pay attention to them, you may be exposed to an accident.

As with every other component of the door, broken garage door cables need to be replaced as soon as you can. Keep in mind that even if a single cable breaks, your door is not going to open properly, and it may also cause unnecessary strain on the tracks and rollers. Consider getting a professional garage door cable repair if you want the best results possible.

garage door cable repair

Why Choose Castle Fort Garage Door Repair?

Having broken or snapped cables can be very dangerous for you and your family if you don’t take care of them on time. However, the process doesn’t have to be stressful for you! Our certified technicians work seven days a week, and we don’t charge additional fees on weekends. We also offer same-day services, so if you ever need a cable replaced right away, you can call us!

We understand how essential it is to save money, so we offer affordable prices while maintaining the same professional and effective service for your door cables. If you want to know an estimate on how much the replacement service can cost, you can contact us for a completely free estimate!

Our company covers the Greater Baltimore area, as well as the counties of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, Howard, and Carrol. If you need a new garage door cable installation, or if you need a replacement for your broken cable, we can help you with that. Don’t hesitate to call us if you feel like you need a cable replacement service from a garage door repair professional!

What Are the Garage Door Cables Used For?

These cables are a part of a garage door’s mechanism. They work along the garage door springs and drums to raise the door without any additional effort. The way it works is that the cables and drums make the lifting motion while the springs provide a counterbalance, so the door doesn’t shut abruptly.

In a sense, cables are used as a safety measure to keep a door from slamming down. If a cable breaks while the door is closing or opening, it can leave you locked in your garage. Depending on the springs that you own, you may install different types of cables.

If you own torsion springs, you have to secure them with a cable. On the other hand, if you have extension springs installed in your garage, you need safety cables and lift cables installed to each spring to prevent injuries or damage to your door and other items on your garage.

If you do a proper cable installation, you can prevent the extension spring from falling if it breaks.

Garage Door Cable Issues

A broken garage door cable is pretty common, so you don’t have to get alarmed if you notice some damage. However, it would be best if you took care of them as soon as possible to avoid any problems in your garage. Your cables need to be inspected at least once every year, but we recommend that you check them at least twice per year to make sure that your garage door works smoothly.

You can get a snapped garage door cable for many reasons. To help you identify the specific damage that your cables may have, we wrote some of the most common issues below:

  • Rust on Metal Cables: While rust may not be toxic for you, it can wear down metal structures over time, causing them to fail. If you own metal cables, they can get rusted sooner or later.
  • Unwound Cables: If you have unwound cables, they may present some problems for your door’s mechanism. The best thing to do if you have unwound cables is to get a replacement as soon as possible.
  • Old Cables: Regardless of the type of cable that you have, they are going to wear and tear as time passes. Keep in mind that if you let them break, your door is not going to work at all. If you notice some wear on your cables, consider replacing them.
  • Jammed Cables: If the cables aren’t properly installed around the drums, they can get jammed, which can cause the door to get locked sometimes. This may only require a small fix, but if the damage is too severe, you may need a replacement.
  • Frayed Cables: A frayed cable is one of the most common problems for your door. The best way to know if they’re frayed is if you notice that the wires are broken or separated from each other. If you notice that some of your cables are starting to get frayed, consider replacing them.

Regardless of the type of damage that you get, you need to consider calling a professional to help you do the cable repair. This way, you can prevent unexpected issues with your door in the future.

Why Trust a Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

While the cables are not usually paid attention to, you need to keep in mind that they are part of your door’s mechanism. If one single piece of that mechanism fails, your door can stop working. A good thing about cable repairs is that you have time to do them before they break; as the cable wears down, it gives you clear signals that it needs to be replaced.

Some damaged cables may only require a small fix to start working again. However, we do not recommend that you try to repair them on your own if you don’t have any experience with cable repairs. Improper fixes may cause your door not to open or close properly, which may cost you more money on reparations over time.

Regardless of the type of repair that you need, hiring a professional to do it is the best way to save money and trouble in the future. This type of job also needs to meet safety regulations to ensure that the cables work properly right after the job is done. Professionals always know what type of cable to install depending on your spring system, as well as the safety regulations to be taken.

Our team at Castle Fort Garage Door Repair does their best to give you an excellent service that you can trust at an affordable price. Our technicians are experienced, licensed, and professional, and they work with the latest products in the market, so you are going to get a high-quality service overall.

Some cable replacements may be urgent (i.e. the cable broke, and you can’t get your car out of the garage); that’s why we provide same-day service. If you have an issue with your cables, you can call us that same day; we always do our best to get there as soon as possible for all garage door repairs. Don’t look further for garage door companies in Columbia MD and contact us today!

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