Are you looking to replace your existing garage doors with new ones? At Castle Fort Garage Door we install new garage doors and replace existing ones. Our technician will arrive at your place of residence, take measurements and show you different samples you can choose from.

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Our garage door company offers a wide variety of styles and materials, from wood, steel, aluminum and so many others, we do it all for you.

Our garage doors are by Amarr. These doors are of very high quality, provide beauty as well as security for your home. We will be able to give you a rough estimate, in order for us to provide you with accurate pricing we will need to send a technician to see exactly what needs to be done. Our estimate are FREE of charge.

Add beauty and value to your home with a new garage door. Installing a new garage door will add security and value to your home. You will be the envy of anyone around with your new garage door. Schedule a free estimate today, there is no obligation. We know you will choose us for your next garage door project, we have our work to prove it.

If you need to replace a certain section of your garage door because one of the panels have been bent, we can do that as well. Before contacting us please let us know what is the brand of your garage door. In most cases we can replace the panel, in other cases we wont have the panel in stock.

If you have an old garage door, many times it is better to have the entire door replaced, many times with old doors, the panels are no longer manufactured. If you have a misaligned or bent garage door panel, try not to open and close your garage door. Many times operating your door with a bent panel can cause the entire door to come off track.

We at Castle Fort Garage Door in Columbia MD will have a technician out in no time to service your garage door and to replace a broken panel or perform a garage door replacement. Our services are unmatched in the area and you will be more than satisfied with the work we provide. Give us a call now for new garage door installation services. We also count with the best garage door openers in the market if you’re looking for a new garage door opener.

A garage door is undeniably an important part of a property. It can serve as an entry to your home or commercial building. It also adds a level of security, making sure that the valuables and people inside an establishment are protected and safe from Intruders. So, it pays to make sure that this huge moving object is made with quality in mind and properly installed. A simple mistake in its installation can result in a faulty moving mechanism, compromising the safety of everyone that may come near it. That is why when you to choose to install a garage door, it is best to leave the task to the professionals.

Our adept technicians with years of experience know exactly the nature of the door. We also make sure that the technicians we deploy to do your installation projects are equipped with all tools and pieces of equipment that can help them finish the task fast without compromising the quality. With our team installing your garage door, you will have peace of mind knowing that nothing will go wrong.

Steel Garage Door Installation

Whether you are looking to install a new garage door or just need to replace a broken one, a steel Garage door is a great choice. A steel Garage door is not just beautiful but also low maintenance. It is usually made with heavy-duty steel that needs little maintenance. It is also robust. Steel garage door comes in a single layer, double layer, and triple layer.

Single layer – this features a durable, solid exterior but is quite thin. Because of the thinness, this type can get dented when hit. It is also not ideal for garage wide door openings.

Benefits of Single-Layer Steel Garage Door

– Lightweight. Because single layer steel garage doors are relatively lightweight, you do not need much physical or mechanical force to move it up and down.

– Durable Surface. Steel hold its surface quality and shape throughout the hottest of summers and coldest of winters. It can also withstand harsh storms, heavy downpour of rain, etc.

Double Layer – It features one layer of steel backed with quality polystyrene thermal insulation and is more durable and quire than the single layer steel garage door but still requires little maintenance. It is also energy efficient.

Benefits of Double Layer Steel Garage Doors

– Stronger than the single layer steel garage door. The insulation layer makes the garage door thicker and less prone to dents.

– More insulation. This is to make sure your garage receives proper insulation.

– Low maintenance. Steel garage door features a robust outer surface that went through a process of production that prevents rust from building up. Its paint is also unlikely to dent, chip, or wear away. So you do not have to deal with the hassle of repainting the door.

Triple layer – Also referred to as the “sandwich garage door”, triple layer steel garage door consists of a steel front and back and thermal insulation in the middle. It is the most durable and strongest among the three garage door options. It is made with heavy duty material and environment-friendly polystyrene thermal which helps boost your energy efficiency at home. It is also conveniently soundproof, making it an ideal choice for those who hate noise.

Benefits of Triple Layer Steel Garage Door

Strength – Triple layer steel garage door models are the strongest out of all the types of steel garage doors. Its durability can withstand the test of time, harsh weather condition, vehicles, and even children. Even after years of constant use, you probably do not have to repaint the surfaces, replace panels, or seal gaps.

Thermal Qualities – Triple-layer steel garage door offers an incredible level of comfort. It blocks the passage or cold and heat temperature between the outside and inside of your home, making sure that the indoor temperature is comfortable for you and your family.

Energy efficient – Since the triple-layer garage door offers great thermal quality and there is no AC breeze getting diluted by the humidity from outdoors or heat leaking outside of your house during winter, it is less likely that you will experience compromised insulation. This makes sure that your energy bills will remain at a minimum.

Quite – You can now have a serene and peaceful indoor place.

Our team can also help you decide which type of steel garage door suits your household and personal needs. We are working with Amarr brand so you can be sure with the quality of your garage door.


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