Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage is a primary gateway to the inside of your home. For this, your garage door must always be working correctly. However, as most homeowners know, wear and tear is inevitable, so garage door repairs are pretty routine.

One of the common parts to wear down over time is your garage door’s springs. They are a vital element to the proper function of your garage door. If you notice that:

  • Your door is not opening with its automatic door opener
  • Your door does not stay open after raising it manually
  • The spring has visible damage

Then, it is time to replace garage door springs! Call Castle Fort today to get your garage door back on track!


garage door spring repair

Why Choose Castle Fort Garage Door Repair?

Castle Fort Garage Door Repair stands out among other garage door repair companies because we consistently offer high-quality service with friendly customer relations. Both quality of the repairs and quality of our customer service are essential values.

To offer such outstanding service, all our technicians are properly certified. They are experienced in the field and can carry out thorough repairs with confidence. Therefore, a simple spring repair is just another day at the job.

We also provide same-day service for repairs that require immediate attention. We understand the importance of a functioning garage. Moreover, we are always prepared to show up at your door and get things back to normal. Plus, all services are available seven days a week. Castle Fort is open every day for your convenience.

Finally, we take the most pride in our affordable prices. Garage doors are not cheap, so repairs and replacements should have reasonable prices.

What Are Garage Door Springs and How Do They Work?

Considering the heavy weight of the garage door itself, it is a wonder how easy it can be to lift and hold. This is where the springs come in. Garage door springs assist in raising and lowering the door so that it holds most of the weight. All you must do is perform the raising and lowering motions.

There are two main kinds of springs: extension and torsion. They work a bit differently, but they have the same function, which is to allow smooth movement of the door. The springs must stay in tip-top condition; otherwise, you can find yourself struggling to open and close the door.

What Happens When the Springs Malfunction?

Malfunctioning garage springs usually cause a lot of frustration. It makes it harder to open and close the door, which is its primary operation.

Here are some indications that your garage door springs are not working correctly:

  • The door feels heavy when opening and closing
  • The door does not open completely
  • The door is crooked
  • The door gets stuck when in motion
  • The springs have visible damage

If you see that your springs are not working properly, do not panic. This is a common problem that many garage owners experience since springs are in action every time you move the door.

Call Castle Fort for proper garage door spring replacement. That way, your garage door can get back to normal quickly and effectively. Furthermore, we highly recommend to get your garage door springs tuned once or twice a year to avoid unwanted issues.

There are two main kinds of springs: extension and torsion. They work a bit differently, but they have the same function, which is to allow smooth movement of the door. The springs must stay in tip-top condition; otherwise, you can find yourself struggling when using your garage door opener to open and close the door.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two main types of garage door springs that work to open your garage. Knowing which type your garage has can help you in identifying the problem faster.

• extension springs

garage door extension spring

Extension springs are usually located in the upper horizontal tracks on either side of the door. They are long tube-like pieces that extend the more that the door is open. There is more force put on the spring when the door is more open.

Since these springs absorb so much force, they are typically accompanied by safety garage door cables that prevent the springs from dangerously breaking free. The cable must remain in place all the time for the safety of homeowners.

Extension springs are usually found in garages with lower ceilings.

Advantages of Extension Springs- Extension springs are cheaper to purchase and install. Plus, they last up to 10,000 cycles.

Disadvantages of Extension Springs- Although they have safety cables, extension springs can be dangerous if they break. Additionally, there are more parts to these springs, and they do not last as long as torsion springs.

• torsion springs

garage door torsion spring

Torsion springs are unlike extension springs because they use torque to raise and lower garage doors. Torque is a force that causes rotation. Essentially, torsion springs twist and coil on the shaft to allow for proper garage door movement.

These springs are versatile for any garage. They come in different sizes to match the dimensions of a garage door.

Advantages of Torsion Springs- Though they are more expensive, torsion springs are more durable and last longer; not to mention that they contain fewer parts. They are also safer if they undergo damage.

Disadvantages of Torsion Springs- One of the main disadvantages of this type of spring is the cost. However, the quality and safety make up for this.

What Not to Do After the Springs Break

A broken spring is reasonably noticeable. A break or malfunction is usually characterized by having a loud bang or trouble moving the door up or down.

Although replacing a garage door spring is routine, trying to solve the issue yourself can be dangerous. Here is what not to do if your spring breaks:

Any Movement Can Be Harmful

If you do not hear a loud bang come from your garage, but instead find the spring broken because you cannot move the door with ease, do not fight it with more force. After noticing that the door cannot open all the way, stop what you are doing, and call an expert.

Fighting the garage door with more force can lead to more damage in the door’s many parts, not just the spring. It can also lead to potential injury for you. There are so many interacting components of garage doors that there is no way to guarantee that they do not break along with your spring. Likewise, one of the most crucial things to do after noticing a broken spring is to leave it alone and call Castle Fort.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

A lot of garage owners, after learning about garage door springs, feel they can solve the issue themselves. While we commend your initiative, this is not such a great idea, as the spring is such an essential component to the operation of your garage door.

Doing a DIY job for you garage door spring is not only potentially harmful to your door, but also your safety. Trust a professional technician who knows their way around all the complicated parts of a garage door. Call Castle Fort today for quick and easy spring replacement!

Why Trust a Professional
Garage Door Repair Company?

A professional garage door repair company can take care of your spring repair problems efficiently so that you do not have to worry. Many garage door owners feel they have the responsibility to carry out any repairs. However, this is not the case. Castle Fort is here to help.

Since the springs are a vital piece to your garage door, they must comply with all safety regulations. For this, proper installation is necessary. All professional technicians at Castle Fort are properly certified and licensed. They can take care of all the work for you. Save time and money by getting it done right the first time- call Castle Fort today!

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